Tuesday, April 8, 2014

माझा आवडता मराठी कलाकार

Siddharth Jadhav

Siddharth Jadhav (Siddharthkumar Ramachandra Jadhav)was born on October 23rd 1981 Maharashtra , India. He was the fourth child to his parents Ramchandra and Mandakini Jadhav. He had his schooling at the Sewree Municipal Marathi School (Primary), Saraswati highschool Naigaum Dadar (Secondary), Ruparel College (Graduation) Born brought up in Low middle class family.
Siddharth Jadhav has now became the household name of all Marathi People….and the credit goes to his inbuilt Talent sheer hard work….and the ultimate Support of his family , friends and many known –unknown well wishers….and this down to earth talented Youngster has just won the FIRSTEVER PRESTIGIOUS ZEE TALKIES AWARD OF “MARASHTRACHA FAVOURITE COMEDIAN"

The most talented and successful actors in Marathis films

Interesting Role

Jatra (Siddhu)

Golmaal : fun unlimited (Sattu Supari)

Bakula Namdev Ghotale (Namdev)

Saade Maade Teen (Baban)

De Dhakka (Dhanaji)

Uladhal (Sikandar)

Galgale Nighale (Andya)

Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy (Usman Parker)

Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (Ebrahim Bhai)

Huppa Huiya (Hanmya)

Lalbaug Parel (Speed Breaker)

Kshanbhar Vishranti (Fulltoss)

Fakt Ladh Mhana (West Indies)

Kutumb (Mamu)

Kho-Kho (Aadimanav)

Time Please (Himmatrao)

Priyatama (Parshya)

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